Hello and welcome to Weblusive themes Premium Support System!

1. Please VERIFY YOUR PURCHASE CODE before opening any ticket.

2. Please OPEN A PUBLIC TICKET if you don't have any sensitive information in it. Doing this you'll also help others with your question.

3. Support is offered only for bugs and really small modifications(few lines of css or js). If you want custom work done to the theme, send us an email with as much details as you can(links, screenshots, words) and if we have the necessary time and the project is doable will provide you with a proper quote! Our hourly rate is $50.

4. Support is offered Monday through Friday, but please allow up to 24-48hrs for your ticket to get reviewed & responded to. This is less probable, but in some cases where the issue is very specific, it might take a bit longer to get it solved.

5. Before asking for support MAKE SURE THAT YOU SEARCH THROUGH RELATED OPENED TICKETS to see if your question doesn't already have an answer(the search engine of this system doesn't work well, so please try search titles in the page).

6. Post as much info as you can on your errors: links and screenshots are always welcomed! If you don't provide any, i might ask, so you're just loosing your time..

7. Please be polite! We will try to do our best in order to make everyone happy!