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Google-Map not avalible


  • proinsurer started the conversation

    I try use three different browser – Hrome, Firefox, Safari – don’t
    working. Theme v1.6. When I save API – and first reloading browser – I
    see map, but when I reloading browser page again – false

    Please looking my site http://bit.ly/2pjKsME

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    Levon replied

    Please send your WP login details in private message, I'll enter and try to figure this out.


  •   proinsurer replied privately
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    Levon replied

    Entered and fixed the issue. Please check and let me know if I can be of any further help.

  • proinsurer replied

    Thank you!

  • proinsurer replied

    Thank you for help - now map working, but how I can make than it be without scroling? Now all maps with scroling and it's bad (

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    Levon replied

    Please delete the Carpenter shortcodes plugin and install the attached one - it will fix the scrolling issue with maps.

  •   Levon replied privately