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  • antonio started the conversation

    I changed the files according to the documentation, I get the email notification sent successfully, but I still do not receive it in my email inbox, I tested
    it with the gmail, hotmail and yahoo account.

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    Levon replied

    Hi Antonio,

    Sorry about the delay, we were on a short vacation. Can you please check your SPAM folder and if it's not there as well, compress and attach your website in a private message so I can deploy on my side and check what's missing. Please also provide your website live link


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    jen replied

    Hi Levon,

    I am having the same issue, however I'm not sure where exactly to place my email address to receive the email. Is it in the file "process-form" or "class.phpmailer" and if either one of those (I'm guessing class.phpmailer), what line number do I place it?

    Thank you!