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installation of theme


  • Wade started the conversation

    I have a fresh install of wordpress 4.7.3.  The default twentyseventeen theme is activated and everything works fine.  I installed the Carpenter theme according to the documentation and activated.  Now page is not redirecting properly.

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    Levon replied

    Hi Wade,

    The theme does not have any redirection instructions. You might have an issue with your .htaccess file. I would recommend to contact your hosting provider, they would be able to send some detailed explanation while the error occurs on your server. Please let me know once you get an answer from them so I can take over and figure it out (if it's not solved by hosting provider by that time).


  • Wade replied

    The problem I was experiencing was with the demo data.  My server did not allow fopen on remote.  I am not sure why we are opening files on a remote machine.  When we should just download the demo data.