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  • shane started the conversation


    I have a few queries

    how can I change menu button for phone to top left and make it smaller
    also can I make the default header image thinner? i made it thinner in photoshop but don't know how to change it.
    also can I make the boundary thinner on the  desktop view so it doesn't look so spread out

    thank you


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    Levon replied

    Hi Shane,

    Please add this code in Appearance => Carpenter => Custom CSS section's Global CSS field:

    .header-breadcrumb {padding: 112px 0px 60px}

    This will decrease the banner image height. You can also play around with 112 and 60 px values to find a perfect fit. 

    For icon on mobile resolution, add this code:

    @media (max-width: 767px){.navbar-default, .navbar-default .navbar-toggle {float:left} .navbar-toggle{padding:6px 4px}}

    Regarding boundary, I'm not sure what you mean? Could you please clarify it or send a screenshot explaining what you'd like to achieve? 

  • shane replied

    hi mate the banner image code word good for desktop but it messed up on phone and ipad? also with the navigation icon it didn't move on the phone only ipad

    was also wonddring how to remove breadcrumbs

  • shane replied

    also can I remove page name eg:home  sorry i should have gone with a simpler wp theme

  • shane replied

    can i reset the changes i just made

  • shane replied

    sorry how can I change header image